Quality first and Satisfaction for all customers to achieve Global High Quality Standard.

Standard and Production Technology

Bangkok Komatsu Co., Ltd. manage under Siam Motors group with a commitment to be a part in developing countries to move ahead in the term of industrial, economic, and human resources, coupled with environmental sustainability concern. With this social care, we have gained the confidence and reliability from the market and customersas well since 1995 until today.

With intention to be one of the top manufacturers in world-wide, we pay attention to all details at every stage of production to achieve maximum efficiency and quality excavator, starting with.

Factory 1 [ Fabrication ]

Welding is very important for the excavator. Over 90% of welding use Automation Robot. We have G-Robot, which is the latest technology of Komatsu used for parts that are most qualified. Moreover, for welding, which is a key of strength, we have examined the quality of the welding by UT Inspection (Ultra Sonic) by specialist to ensure that every piece has quality standards.

Factory 2 [ Assembly & Inspection]

69% of the parts are manufactured by local suppliers while the core components such as engine, main valves, hydraulic pump, and hydraulic cylinder are imported from Japan in response to customer confidence. By controlling part supply into manufacturing of each unit by Barcode System, we are able to prevent assembly error.

Spare Parts Operation

Parts Stock are available supporting for BKC machine including Import machine & components. 70% of parts are produced from Komatsu Japan and 5% from Komatsu Europe & Komatsu NA.  Capacity Stock 142,000 items /Stock 52,000 items in total 5 warehouses. (2 Main in BKC area) Each process operate with accuracy by using Handheld run on WMS QR Code system.

Iron Casting

Clean metal can control the quality of metal water well, the size of the blast furnace can be selected hundreds of tons.

3D Inspection

In the process of checking the quality at the end of the production with high accuracy. Increasing efficiency in product design and development as well as increasing the ability to control product quality.