Quality first and Satisfaction for all customers to achieve Global High Quality Standard.

I want to share this feeling of mine with you,
as we will make the next Komatsu together.
Our world is changing.
So are the challenges of our customers and society.
What can we do to help overcome
these challenges while remaining sustainable ?
Together. we can reach new.
Unrivaled heights of excellence in our products.
services, and solutions to enable a better world.
We can link every workplace and generate value
with our global teams, customers,
distributors, partners and communities.
We can make a difference.
We can do it by
delivering DANTOTSU Value.
         With intention to be one of the top manufacturers in world-wide, we pay attention to all details at every stage of production to achieve maximum efficiency and quality excavator.
Commitment in Quality and Reliability
              Bringing experience and expertise accumulated throughout from the market from the Japanese market, where strict quality is applied, and from now on, quality is always considered. Challenging fearlessly in order to achieve the high goal set and to continue the innovation.
'' To be a leading conglomerate most admired for its perpol partnership and performance. ''
'' Siam Motors dedicated to create innovative leaders with strong values that are committed towards growing the company employees and community. ''

BKC Activity (CSR)

We concern in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) called and Environmental.

Coexists, Contributes, Communities

Blood Donation Activity

9th blood donation activity for the year 2019, participants, in addition to the employees of Bangkok Komatsu, there are also suppliers from the company Itaotec (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Uchimura (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Techno Dab (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and etc.

Kwassui Women's University Visit

A group of teachers and trainees from Kwassui Women's University in Japan on behalf of Dara Samut School visited the BKC factory.

Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna - Tak Visit

The teachers and students of Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna - Tak to visit to BKC.

Children Day

Children's Day Activity at Amata There are elementary school students. Join the Children's Day And the company brought a loader to park the show for the children, along with giving out scholarships, prizes and arranging games for many more fun.