Company Profile.


Bangkok Komatsu Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Komatsu Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of hydraulic excavator under global standards with modern technology and quality control in all manufacturing processes to produce the excavator with international quality standard under the supervision of specialists. Engineering team from Japan, and over 700 qualified employees.

Factory production area is over 149,544 Square Meter with a production capacity of 6,000 units per year, exporting to 15 countries on 4 continents, with overseas and domestic sale ratio at 60% and 40% respectively, under a joint venture between Komatsu Ltd. with Siam Motors group.

Clean Energy Factory

Phase 1 (F1) Jul’17 installed solar roof capacity 853 kWp.

Phase 2 (F2) Jul’19 installed solar roof capacity 921 kWp.

Phase 3 (Casting) Nov’19 installed solar roof capacity 1,412 kWp.

Quality control

Quality control by the advanced technology is our first priority. Production process at BKC features welding robots and a sophisticated machining center HF4M and MVR30 both of them are capable to maintain the highest level of quality and productivity.

Even though, our production and inspection process are done by Komatsu standard, we implemented quality management system ISO 9001: version 2000 to ensure quality continuously in 1999.

The environmental management system ISO14001 has also been implemented in our factory to protect our world environment in 2001.


- Assembly and Welding skill training Development of human resources has always been our priority. Employee has opportunity to upgrade their skill through on-site training and various training program. Especially, Assembly and welding skill training program are set up for skill improvement by quality police.

- All Komatsu Olympic Skill Contest Excellent and outstanding skilled worker are selected by internal contest for participation on All Komatsu Olympic Skill Contest in Japan every year.